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Phone: (650) 940-4650

MVLA > Emergency Information
MVLA has emergency plans for the district and each of the schools are updating SB187 compliant plans in the Spring of 2009.  These plans will be posted to the website soon.

Emergency Procedures and evacuation maps should be posted in all rooms on all campuses.  Staff reviews   evacuation procedures annually.

MVLA conducts a district-wide earthquake drill annually.  Each school conducts at least one lockdown drill and several fire evacuation drills each school year.

MVLA depends on PTSAs and a small amount of funds from the school to keep the supplies for the district and schools up to date.

MVHS and LAHS have shelter agreements with the American Red Cross and may become shelters in a wide-spread disaster.

NOTE to parents:  The school is responsible and cannot release your child after any emergency until the parent, guardian or someone designated on the emergency form comes to the school to claim the student.

In an emergency, check the school/district website for updates on the situation -these will be posted if possible depending on the emergency.