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Classroom Rules and Academic Honesty

Respect yourself. Do your best work. Take pride in your work.

Respect others. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Respect our classroom and school.­ Come to class on time. Be physically and mentally prepared to work. Raise the level of our performance by your example.

Academic Honesty

The LAHS cheating policy will be strictly enforced. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

You must create all work for this class yourself, for the purpose of this class, this year.

The LAHS cheating policy is as follows:

Honesty, trust and integrity are vital components of the education process.  As such, cheating is a serious offense.  Anyone who copies another's work or turns in someone else's ideas as his or her own has engaged in cheating.

Collaboration with another student or students could be considered cheating if students are expected to complete an assignment independently.  Teachers have a responsibility to proctor tests carefully and to explain to students when collaboration is and is not appropriate on assignments completed inside and outside of class.

Examples of cheating include:

Copying homework.
Allowing someone else to copy your work.
Plagiarism (passing off another’s ideas, writing, etc. as one's own).
Copying from another's exams.
Improperly obtaining and/or using tests, questions, or keys.
Using unauthorized notes/materials.

First Offense:  Zero on assignment or test, contact with parent and student’s A.P. by teacher, and possible suspension from the class for the day of the suspension and the day following.

Second Offense:  A second offense is another cheating incident in any class during the remainder of the student’s career at LAHS.  They will receive a zero on the assignment or test, be removed from class with no chance for re-enrollment and face a possible suspension from school.  The student will be given the option of making up that class in summer school or through independent study.