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Earth Science / Biology Comparison
Science and Technology Week
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Biology - Biology Honors comparision

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Course Comparison Information Sheet



Biology Honors


Background Necessary for Success

·         Chemistry

·         Algebra I




Background Necessary for Success

·         Strong background in Chemistry

·         Comfort applying algebra skills

·         Strong reading, writing, and analytical skills





·         Standard first year high school Biology text.




·         College entry-level Biology textbook.



·         30-40 minutes of studying which will include reviewing, reading and/or written assignments each night.




·         45-60 minutes of reading and/or written assignments each night.



·         Nature of science, ecology, evolution, the classification and characteristics of living things, biochemistry, cell structure and function, plant and animal systems, and both Mendelian and molecular genetics.




·         Same topics as in Biology, but with a greater level of detail/depth and more biochemical emphasis.




In-Class Instruction

·         Lectures, laboratory experience, activities, demonstrations, and projects.


In-Class Instruction

·         Laboratory experience, discussions, projects, computer work, simulations, and presentations.

·         Lectures will cover more difficult topics.



Skills Developed

·         Use of research and scientific method to determine answers.

·         Logical reasoning skills that connect experimental results to Biology principles.

·         Communication of ideas and lines of reasoning to others in written and spoken form.



Skills in addition to those in Biology

·         Students should be able to follow and master three- and four-step logical arguments.

·         Library and Internet research skills.

·         Design and implementation of experiments.

·         Independent science project


NOTE: The textbooks used in these courses are different.  Topics are not covered in the same order.  It is very difficult to change courses after the school year has started.