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Earth Science / Biology Comparison
Science and Technology Week
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Biology - Biology Honors comparision

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Los Altos High School

Earth Science/Biology/Biology Honors

Course Comparison Information Sheet


Earth Science


Biology H

Background for Success

  • Basic math skills

  • Basic reading skills


Background for Success

  • Ability to apply concepts to the scientific method

  • Algebra and analytical skills – recommend concurrent enrollment in Geometry

  • Reading, writing, and note-taking skills

  • Grade of an B or higher in previous science classes




Background for Success

  • Comfort in completing algebraic computations – recommend concurrent enrollment in Geometry H

  • Strong reading, writing, processing and analytical skills

  • Grade of an A or higher in previous science classes





  • 10 - 20 minutes of homework every night (reading, notes, worksheets, reviewing, etc)

  • Earth Science texts geared toward the Freshman level


  • 30 minutes of homework every night focuses on reinforcement of concepts presented in class

  • Standard first year high school biology text





  • 1 hour of homework each night requires students to apply concepts presented in class to a variety of situations

  • Participation in LAHS Science Fair



  • Covers foundation concepts in the earth sciences (astronomy, geology, meteorology, oceanography) aligned with the California state earth science standards



  • Experimentation and investigation, cell biology, ecology, evolution, genetics, physiology aligned with the California biology standards


  • Covers all the topics of the regular biology course at a faster pace and in greater depth; emphasis will be placed on more biochemistry

  • Additional topics, such as botany and classification, will also be covered to address more concepts found on the SAT II.

Skills developed

  • Complete lab writing skills and data interpretation

  • Graphing and analysis of data

  • Ability to apply concepts to the scientific method

  • Scientific collaboration and communication

  • Note taking

Skills developed

  • Students exhibit logical reasoning and processing skills required to connect experimental results to biological theory

  • Scientific collaboration and communication of analytical data in relationship to real world applications

Skills developed

  • Students utilize logical reasoning and processing skills aligned with biological theory to infer new interpretations of experimental results

  • Demonstrate how biological information is gained, interpreted, and applied to real world applications

  • National College Board test taking skills (SAT subject test)

NOTE: Topics in biology and biology honors may not covered in the same order. It is very difficult to change courses

after the school year has started.