*A disclaimer: The views, opinions, and information on these sites are always changing and should be viewed with a critical eye. Also: Although we have looked them over, they do not necessarily represent the views of the library. Please see the last link under the section “News, Current Events, Arts, and Entertainment” or see Mr. Lundholm in the library for his "Website Credibility Checklist" for more about media literacy.

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Fun/Interesting Ones


Take this quiz to find out what book you are.

Stuff on my Cat is a totally frivolous website including pictures of things people have placed on their cats. It includes a link to a similar website for dogs.

Kitten War! is another frivolous site involving pictures of cats. It speaks for itself. 

All kinds of interesting facts and trivia. One of the site’s headlines touts it as the place “where knowledge junkies get their fix.” The articles and trivia sections are worth checking out.

Answers to interesting questions.

Billing itself as “the world’s largest trivia site,” this best parts of this link are the ones about trivia, quizzes, and puzzles.
Check out this site to see a list of hoax sites -- Internet sites containing a range of fake information. This site was put together to warn people about blindly trusting information found on the Internet. You'll need to cut and paste the link into your browser.


News, Current Events, Arts, and Entertainment

This site is a good source for news and the arts. You can read, listen to, or watch various current events. Sections include news, business, people & places, health & science, books, music, arts & culture, diversions, and opinion.

Links to hundreds of high school newspapers.

A link to various online newspapers.

News from the New York Times. For access to TimesSelect (which includes additional articles and the archive) please check in at the library.

A description of digg from the site: “Digg is all about user powered content. Everything is submitted and voted on by the Digg community. Share, discover, bookmark, and promote stuff that's important to you!”

Popular articles from the web about a variety of topics. This site is a bit like but with less attention to appearance.

News, views, and music made and put together by teen radio journalists

An awesome place to learn about media. From a quiz to see how media literate you are to sites that help you figure out whether or not to trust a particular website, this site is a great place to develop media literacy. Though it was created for teachers, it will undoubtedly interest students. For helpful links about how to figure out whether to trust a website, click on the “Want to learn more?” link (under “Related Organizations and Research”) and then on “Website Evaluation.”



The Internet Public Library. Contains links selected and checked over by library science students, a teen page (below), and reference service.

The Internet Public Library for Teens. Sections include homework help, tips for writing, a graphic novels guide, a poetry wiki, and answers to frequently asked embarrassing questions. There is also a directory including clubs and organizations, reading and writing, school and homework help, health, money and work, sports/entertainment/arts, and technology.

Teen stories and advice.

All kinds of poetry.

This site goes along with the Freedom Writers book that was recently turned into a movie. The Message Board section is an interesting place dedicated to online discussion by and for high school students.

This site contains feedback to questions from teens and their parents.

Stories of teen experiences in war.

Satirical news.

Description from the site: “Online since October, 1997, coolstop's mission is to provide fresh pointers, primarily to the non-commercial, creative side of the web. With an eye out for honest personal expression, excellence in web design, and original creative content, coolstop recognizes another great site every day. Enjoy!”

A catalog of blogs.

A link to online fiction, non-fiction, reference, and poetry.

A link to classic fiction, drama, poetry, and short stories. Also includes selected study guides, reference, non-fiction, biography, and religious texts.

A site with great links to help with science projects, including coming up with ideas for experiments and other important and relevant information.

Founded in 1999, BrainPOP creates animated, curriculum-based content that engages students, supports educators, and bolsters achievement.



Educational/Homework Help Sites



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