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Mountain View High School
3535 Truman Avenue
Mountain View, CA 94040
Office: 650-940-4600
Fax: 650-961-6349
Attendance: 650-968-2406

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Welcome to the Mountain View High School Student Registration (Grades 9-12)
 If you have never attended Mountain View High School and are new to the District, CLICK HERE to find out what the requirements are for New Student Enrollment. CLICK HERE to begin the New Student Registration process!
For registration questions, you may contact the Registrar, Rose Russo at 650-940-4615 or via email at rose.  


Withdrawing from MVHS

Students who wish to check out of MVHS and/or transfer to another school must do so through the Registrar's office. Parents must present the school with written information regarding the date of departure, reason for departure and destination. All library and textbooks, and fines must be cleared before the student can officially withdraw from school and receive transcripts to enroll in their next school.

Ordering Transcripts

Current student: transcript requests must be on 'Transcript request' form provided by the Registrar. Turnaround time is 24 hours (weekdays).

Former student: transcript requests must be in writing. Mail requests to: Mountain View High School, 3535 Truman Avenue, Mountain View, CA 94040, ATTN: Registrar. Submit the following information in your request:

1. The name you used in high school;
Where the transcript should be sent;
A current phone number;

A check made out to Mountain View High School for the amount of total transcripts requested. Transcript fee for mailing is $5.00 each. Turnaround time is one to two days from the receipt of fees.

Former students who request transcripts in person from the Registrar must fill out the 'Transcript request' form. The fee is $5.00 for each transcript. Turnaround time is usually 15 minutes.

For website navigation inquiries, please contact the school office at 650-940-4600 and select 0 from menu to be directed to a school operator.